Drinking Vessel



South Italian (Apulian) deep cup of the type known as 'skyphos', decorated in the red-figure technique. Details of the woman's jewellery are in yellow while other details of the man's head garland and vessel are in thick white. The decoration on one side is of a nude male with a garland on his head, moving to his right. He has a himation or other drapery over his left arm and holds an offering dish. The object in his right hand may be a mirror. Close to his head is one side a ivy shaped leaf and a thick vine/grape brunch to his left directly above the offering dish. The other side has a draped female figure moving to her left towards an altar. She holds a wreath on her left hand whilte the right arm is raised and holds perhaps a large tambourine. The woman' s head is turned towards the tambourine rather than the altar. There is an vertical brunch or stem by the right side of the woman close to her feet. while in the upper left area there is an elaborate ribbon. By the rim there is a thin frieze of joined half egg decoration.