Drinking Vessel



Drinking vessel of the type named 'Droop Cup', decorated in the black-figure technique. Although made in Athens, this vessel was made in imitation of pottery from Sparta. It has a stemmed foot and a round wide base, a wide and open body and mouth with horizontal handles attached to its sides. The stemmed foot is in black glaze and there are three main bands of decoration in the external body: at the low part and only distinct when the cup is turned with the base up there is a band of cockrels in black arranged on the deep red surface of the body, above them there is a thick black band. A band of vertical and pointy shaped leaves which are joined together by thinner lines with dots in between them decorated the upper part of the body just below the thick black glaze of the rim. The interior body is all in lustrous black glaze with a round red area at the middle. The interior shows cracks which were restored.