Drinking Vessel card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Drinking Vessel


Currently not on display


Attic eye-cup, decorated in the transitional style, using both the black-figure and red-figure technique. Interior decoration in black-figure - a naked youth with an himation hung around his left arm, the right arm bent holds a long stick. The youth's posture suggests he is running to the right. Letters all around the youth on the red slip circle of the interior 'ho pais kalos' (the boy is fair and beautiful)The exterior decoration is flanked by a pair of eyes, which gives this type of cup its conventional name. Side A: in the red-figure technique, a naked standing youth, body turned to the right his head looking back to the left, he holds in his left hand a cloth and his right hand touches his breast Side B: in the red-figure technique, a competitor in the 'hoplitodromos', a running race in which the competitors wore full military gear. The palmettes have "late hearts" (Beazley's term) - black except for reserve dot in the middle.