Ear Ornaments



Two bronze wire rings with crystal drop, pearl shaped fragment of third wire ring. Ear rings? Mounted on paper sheet annotated in ink: "Christian Remains befpre 500 A.D. Found at Thebes. Egypt. Jan. 1859. W. F. Hood". CONDITION NOTE 1998: Some are chipped, incomplete, surface dirt. William Hood collected antiquities on visits to Egypt between 1851 and 1861. After his death in 1864 his collection remained within his family home at Nettleham Hall in Lincolnshire. In 1872 some items were sold to the British Museum with the remainder being put up for auction at Sotheby's on 11 November 1924. Not all of the 172 lots were sold and those that failed to find a buyer were returned to Nettleham Hall in a box. In 1940 the contents of the box was sold to Norwich Castle Museum (accession number 127.940) and was later sold to Liverpool Museum in 1956. Round auction sticker stuck to the paper annotated in ink “114/49” from the 1924 Sotheby’s auction (Lot 114: A Necklace of beads, with small cross pendant; five small Crosses; two flower Ornaments; twenty two Beads; a Cross, in bone and five in metal; a stone and metal Cross, on original string; a Cross, in green stone, and two white glass Earrings; Coptic).