Earl of Sefton’s Dress Coach



This carriage was built by Hooper & Co of London around 1870 for the Earl of Sefton whose home was Croxteth Hall in Liverpool. The carriage was used by the Earls on formal occasions and was kept at the Hall, which had its own stables and garages. It would have a coachman in formal dress, two liveried footmen on the rear platform and either two or four matched horses depending on the occasion. The effect was to provide a clear symbol of the importance of its passengers and to this end the carriage is finished with fine fabrics and great attention to detail. This coach is one of a set of three formal carriages belonging to the Earl of Sefton in the Museum's collection. As a group they are an important representation of the affluence and place in society of the Earls. Hooper & Co. also had coach building premises in Liverpool and built other carriages in our collection.