Easter egg presentation at the Royal Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution



Copy print of original photograph dated ca. 1930. Caption on verso, written by Harold Robert Yates (admitted to the oprhanage in 1926) reads: "The easter egg was presented every year by an old boy of the orphanage who I understand owned a sweetshop in Liverpool. Sadly I can't remember his name. The egg was displayed in the dining room at teatime on Easter Sunday, and he was always there, and naturally received three cheers. The egg was of plain chocolate quite thick at the top and bottom, and I believe especially made for the orphanage. It was broken up on the next day (Monday) and each child received more or less equal portions at the mid day meal. At this time there would be about 220 to 250 children in the orphanage. This was one of the very few 'treats' we received, and Easter was not received with much enthusiasm. One of Good Friday's meal - breakfast I think - was one hot cross bun, whilst Easter Sunday's breakfast was one hard boiled egg. The girl in the left foreground is my sister Olive Annie Yates, whilst the boy behind her is named Robertson. I can't recall any other names. The year? Sometime in the early nineteen thirties".