Edmund Gardner, Liverpool pilot boat number 2



The Edmund Gardner was the one of the last two pilot cutters to be used by the Liverpool Pilotage Service, built in 1953 by Philip & Son Ltd. (Engineers and Shipbuilders, etc.), Dartmouth, and in active service until 1982. The material is mainly a list of all the items that were removed from the Edmund Gardner when it was taken out of service. The Edmund Gardner was boat number 2 of a fleet of four oil-burning pilot cutters, which were introduced into the Pilotage Service between 1947 and 1958. The other three were the Thomas Brocklebank (Pilot Boat No. 1), the Arnet Robinson (Pilot Boat No. 2) and the William M. Clark (Pilot Boat No. 4). Items regarding these boats are also included in the collection, along with items about the two launches Puffin and Petrel, which were introduced into the Pilotage Service in October 1962.