Ellerman Lines Ltd: Hall Line, shipowners



From Guide to the Records of Merseyside Maritime Museum, volume 1: Hall Line. The Hall Line originated as Sun Shipping Co. founded by Robert Alexander, a Belfast born but Liverpool-based shipbroker, in 1868. It concentrated on the Indian trade with Bombay as its main port. Alexander's ships were re organised from two groups into the Hall Line in 1899 and sold to Ellerman in 1901. Under Ellerman's ownership it developed successful South and East African services as well as holding its own in the competitive Indian trade. It suffered from disruption and loss of ships in both World Wars and from the granting of Indian independence and the establishment of Indian national lines. In 1973 it merged with the other Ellerman shipping companies to form Ellerman City Liners. For further details see the attached catalogue or contact The Archives Centre for a copy of the catalogue.