Engineer's notebook, photographs, Fawcett Preston Engineering, Liverpool



Engineer's notebook compiled by employee of Fawcett Preston Engineering, Liverpool, 1850s, indexed. Technical specifications, calculations and drawings. Includes Gunst gun carriages, notes re Armstrong's hydraulic crane, engines for vessels City of Aberdeen, Revenge (tug), Ireland Queen, Alma. 2 black and white photographs of what appears to be protection for police during a riot, metal shields on wheels with a place to fire a gun, no date, around 1920s-1930s. Images show 2 men using the machinery. 3 black and white images of the unveiling of a plaque In Kent Gardens marking the location of the Phoenix Foundry, founded by William Fawcett. Photographs show dignatries including Bessie Braddock, various mayors, also several local residents, children and other onlookers, no date, 1950s.