Evening, 'The West Still Glimmers with Some Streaks of Day'

WAG 215


Thomas Creswick (5 February 1811 – 28 December 1869) was an English landscape painter and illustrator, born in Sheffield. The collection of his works at Sudley House is the largest public holding of his oil paintings. George Holt was a lifelong admirer of Creswick's work. A historic photograph of the drawing room at Sudley taken in 1886 shows this picture in its present position over the mantelpiece and the painting by Calderon to its right. (To the left, in the space now occupied by the modern doorway, hung a classical landscape by Augustus Wall Callcott.) Creswick’s painting was a family heirloom, having been purchased by George Holt’s father in 1850. The quotation in the title comes from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’.