Falcon Mummy


On display

Mummy bundle in the shape typically used to wrap mummified falcons. The body is of plain bandaging which is in good condition. On the head a beak has been modelled in linen and there are traces of painted decoration. There seems to be the model of a headdress, probably representative of the god Re-Harakhty, evident at the back of the head. There is a rectangular label stuck to the front inscribed, "Mummy of a hawk with bandages". The mummy was X-rayed and CT imaged at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on 19th April 2016 as part of the University of Manchester’s Animal Bio Bank Project (ref. AEABB735). Radiographic scans revealed that the head is false with no skeletal material inside. The main body of the mummy bundle contains what appears to be incomplete bird remains – evidence of two legs and two wings, with a portion of ribcage and no skull. There is a dense patch within the bundle of unknown origin.