The Family of St. Elizabeth card

The Family of St. Elizabeth

WAG 1230

Currently not on display


In centre seated woman wearing a large turbanned-hat on her head and holding a red flower? in her left hand is identified as Elizabeth (the Virgin Mary's cousin) from the embossed inscription around her gold halo. Behind a wall to the left is a grey-haired hatted man pointing towards the baby seated on Elizabeth's lap, who is holding a chalice being offered towards a toddler child standing to the left with a stick in his right hand.Behind the wall and gold-brocaded cloth of honour ther is a mountainous landscape with brown and white half-timbered steeply-gabled house set against gold background. The man has been identified as Elizabeth's husband, Zacharias; the baby as the Christ Child and the toddler as St John the Baptist (but see Notes for sometimes confusing alternative identifications). Thought to be part of the double-winged altarpiece painted for the church of St John the Baptist in Luneberg, which is an important example of northern German Gothic brick architecture.