The Family of St. Elizabeth card

The Family of St. Elizabeth

WAG 1230

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Regarding the confusing identification of figures: Hans Georg Gmelin in his monographic article on Hinrik Levenstede the Younger (1971) identifies the baby on St Elizabeth's lap as St John the Evangelist (possibly because of his attribute the chalice) , the son of Mary Salome the Virgin's sister rather than St Elizabeth the Virgin's cousin. He also identifies the toddler as the Christ Child (not St John the Baptist) and the man behind the wall as Joachim, the husband of St Anne (the Virgin's mother) rather than St Elizabeth (the Virgin's cousin) and her husband Zacharias. The WAG 1977 Foreign Catalogue identifies the baby as St John the Baptist and the toddler as the Christ Child (who according to biblical scripture should be 6 months younger than St John the Baptist. Xanthe Brook would like to identify the baby as the Christ Child and the toddler as St John the Baptist & the man as Zacharias, the husband of St Elizabeth (who is identified as such by the inscription: 'Mary Elisabes' on her halo. Both WAG 1230 & its pair WAG 1231 were exhibited at the Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition in 1857 nos. 417, 418 as by Michael Wolgemuth.