The Fatal Egg Sandwich

WAG 1994.122


Terence Parkes (1927 - 2003), better known as 'Larry', was one of the most prolific and popular of British cartoonists. He produced a series of cartoons based on famous paintings at the Walker and Lady Lever Art Galleries. This cartoon depicts the cafe area of the Walker Art Gallery. The sculpture in the centre is based on the 'Death of Virginia' by Giacomo de Maria (WAG 6652) which stands in the centre of the Walker's cafe. The original sculpture shows Lucuis Virginius, a Roman centurion, holding the lifeless body of his daughter, Virginia. The senator Appius Claudius lusted after Virginia and wished to control her. Horrified by the prospect of his daughter's dishonour and enslavement, Virginius killed Virginia. In Larry's version, Virginia collapses at the stench of a rotten egg sandwich, impaled on Virginius's knife.