Female Figure of a Woman & Child



Hollow pottery figure of a woman with pronounced hips and holding a child at her left side. There is a hole at the top of the head that suggests this hollow figure was used as a vessel, with the right hand acting as a handle for pouring. There are tattoo marks on the body in red and black paint. Part of her right breast and feet are missing. Described in Mayer's 1852 catalogue as "a figure holding a kitten". Was displayed in Ventilator Case 45 before World War Two and evacuated to Mostyn Castle. Compare with similar objects in the following publications: ' El Amrah and Abydos' (1902), p. 97, pl. LI (grave D8); Berman, 'Catalogue of Egyptian Art', The Cleveland Museum of Art, no. 178; Sally Ann Ashton, 'Roman Egyptomania' (London, 2004), pages 152-3 [Fitzwilliam Museum E.GA.278.1949]; Christies, 'Antiquities, London 29th October 2003', pp. 78-9 (lot 148); Christie's, 'Antiquities, New York, Friday 11 December 2009', p. 11 (lot 11).