Fine, solid-cast statuette of a walking young woman in ankle-length dress of clinging drapery and Etruscan boots with opening marked over front of foot and leg. She stands with her left foot advanced, looking demurely at the ground, her left arm lowered and slightly extended, her right hand extended forward at waist height with an offering, a tiny bud. The left hand, lowered, originally also held something. Her dress (an unbelted Greek-style chiton, its seam visible over her shoulder in thin grooves) has elbow-length sleeves and slightly bunched vertical folds down the front between her legs, and clings slightly across her back; its V-shaped neckline has a striated border. Shoulder-length hair swirls over the crown of the head and is held in place by a thin fillet to form bangs. She has large, almond eyes, small mouth and pointed chin. Mounted (in modern times) on a polished stone cube; intact, with dark, rough patina. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Good.