Figure of a boy

LL 6757


Figure of a boy, standing on square base and elaborate plinth. Porcelain, painted in famille rose enamels with gilding. The boy has his hair done in two knobs in black. His arms and shoulders are bare. He wears a yellow tunic, brocaded with flowers and fruit in colour, and pink trousers with shou (longevity) medallions in pale blue, and red shoes edged with black. The base is pale blue, diapered with pink quatrefoil pattern and blue flowers, with brocade patterns on the sides. The plinths are of a rectangular box form, with the sides pierced with cash medallions and over-hung with pointed drapery designs. They are painted with floral sprays on the sides, and rich brocade patterns in blue and yellow grounds, with stork medallions and flowers on the drapery. Brocaded borders of red and yellow, etc. On the backs are red designs with flowering peony and chrysanthemum scrolls.