Figure of Criophore



Ivory figure of a lamb-bearing shepherd (criophore). He wears a Phrygrian cap, a pleated tunic with a decorated hem, and a pouch slung over his right shoulder. He carries a sheep across his left shoulder, his right hand holding its rear right leg. Behind him is a tree. Two sheep look up at him, one (at left) without horns, sitting on its haunches like a dog, one (at right) with horns, rubbing against the tree. The shepherd's left leg is broken off at the knee, and his right hand and forearm are missing. The sheep on his shoulder lacks its head and forequarters, formerly pegged into the hole top right. On the back there is a hole towards the top of the tree, and in the base four equidistant holes: in one, an ivory peg is still in position, and in another the broken end of a similar peg.