Figure of a Woman card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Figure of a Woman

On display


Stylised carved figure of a naked female with painted decoration. Broken and mended at the waist. Parts of the arms are missing. Marked with the tomb number 126E on the back. As for much of the Esna collection we cannot find the original record card made by Newberry or Peet. Dorothy Downes records the figure as Liv.M.1905 in her inventory but it cannot be traced in the 2 accessions from the Liverpool Institute of Archaeology for 1905 - 25.11.05 (i.e., 25th Nov. 1905) and 13.12.05 (i.e., 13th Dec. 1905). The figure was definitely in the museum’s collection before 1941 as it appears in the evacuation list of objects that were on display in Ventilator Case 45 and sent to Mostyn Castle (evacuation list no. 1034, with no accession no. but just the tomb number 126E). It was on display in the 1976 gallery case 08 under the number in the handwritten list and on the Access database, which is why we now use this number. However, this number is for a fragment of a stone bowl from Abydos 22A’06 but this was lost in WW2 and so it doesn’t create too much of a problem. Compare with W. M. F. Petrie, 'Diopolis Parva: the cemeteries of Abadiyeh and Hu. 1898-9'. London (1901), pl. XXVI [from graves Y247 and Y524].