Figure of a Woman


Head from a figurine of a naked women, handmade in marl clay. Modelled with the fingers, details incised and holes pierced through the head for strings of hair to be plaited. Was displayed in Ventilator Case 45 before World War Two and in 1939 evacuated to Mostyn Castle, Wales. Compare with Dorothy Downes, ‘The Excavations at Esna 1905-1906’ (Warminster, 1974), 85-90; and Janine Bourriau, 'Umm el-Ga'ab. Pottery from the Nile Valley Before the Arab Conquest' (Cambridge, 1981) nos. 240-1, pp. 119-120; and Janine Bourriau, 'Pharaohs and Mortals' (Cambridge, 1988), nos. 119-120, pp. 116-117; and W. M. F. Petrie, 'Diopolis Parva: the cemeteries of Abadiyeh and Hu. 1898-9'. London (1901), pl. XXVI [Dynasty 12].