Fish-Tail Knife



Flint knife or spearhead, often referred to as a Peseshkef knife by Egyptologists. Ripple flaked with finely serrated forked end resembling a fishtail. The pointed end would have been hafted to a handle. An article by Ann Macy Roth in 'The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology' vol. 78 discusses the possible ritual nature of such a tool. Excavated by Professor Petrie at Naqada tomb number 1569 during the winter of 1894-5 for the Egyptian Research Account. Marked in pencil 1569 Neqada. Marked in ink 1569. Also from the same tomb is a flint knife in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London (UC 4825). See 'The Flint Implements of Naqada' by F. C. J. Spurrell in Petrie and Quibell, 'Naqada and Ballas' (London, 1896) pp. 55-59.