Flint Knife



Bifacial rhomboid knife of honey-brown flint with areas of translucence, typical of Naqada I and early Naqada II. Excellent manufacture, finely micro-serrated along its edges, with an area at one end only coarsely retouched as is typical for hafting. Marked in ink, "El Kab. Jan. 1902. Cas. 790" Also, the faint trace of the number 670B. "Cas" refers to the dealer Michel Casira, a Cairo based antiquities dealer active in the early 1900s. Elkab is a well-known tourist destination directly across the river from Hierakonpolis on the east bank of the Nile. From either Sotheby's, London, 18-19 July 1923 (Rev. Randolph Berens collection) or Sotheby's London, 31 July 1923 (Eleanor Beren's collection). CONDITION NOTE 1998: Label adhered to surface, surface dirt.