LL 3680


FD Soiron's engraving of this painting was published on 1 June 1791, together with its companion, 'Rosina', which had been engraved by C Knight after a painting by Stothard. Therefore, this painting was presumably commissioned from Singleton especially for the engraving and can be dated to around 1790. 'Love in a Camp', a two act play by John O'Keeffe, was first performed at the Theatre Royal in 1785. The play is about the adventures of two Irish gallants, Patrick and Darby, in a Prussian army camp near Breslau. Flora, a flower and fruit seller living in the camp, is serenaded in the second scene by the lovestruck captain. This serenade was inscribed in Soiron's print. The play was not published until 1800 - 1801 and Soiron's print was presumably a marketing exercise to keep the play in the public's favour.