Flyer, 'Garlands Fairies Across the Mersey'



During the 2000s, regular club nights hosted by Garlands nightclub were held onboard the Mersey Ferries, often on the Royal Daffodil, seen on this flyer. The cruises ran at intervals throughout the summer, departing from the Pier Head at 8pm, returning at 12am. These ‘Fairies Across the Mersey’ events accommodated up to 400 clubbers and parts of the ship were decorated to match themes such as ‘The Captain’s Cabin’ with DJs playing sets in various parts of the ship. During the cruise revellers would be informed of the secret location of the after-show party which carried the event into the early hours of the morning. “The Journey is like some surreal disco roller coaster” – MixMag, 2001