Flyer, 'Garlands in Heaven'



This flyer was produced by Garlands Nightclub to promote an exhibition that ran at Tate Liverpool from 9 October 1999 until 27 February 2000. The exhibition, Heaven: An exhibition that will break your heart , examined desire, consumerism, idolisation, glamour, identity and authenticity at the turn of the millennium. Tate Liverpool displayed some of Garland’s promotional material in the exhibition, much of it created by graphic artist Tim Sheard. At this time the club produced light- hearted promotional flyers and posters often featuring local drag-artists which Tate used to explore the themes of glamour and idolisation. This flyer was one of a short run of circular flyers that the club produced in the very late 1990s and early 2000s, a time when the club was moving from being a mainly gay venue to becoming more mixed gay-friendly venue Kindly donated to the Museum of Liverpool by Garlands.