Flyer, 'Garlands New Years Eve 2000-2001'



This Garlands flyer, from 2000, shows local performer Shaun McKenna as his alter-ego ‘Lady Seanne’, dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Shaun first went out on the gay scene in Liverpool in 1982, using drag to mask the fact that he was underage. In 1988 Shaun debuted in an all-male performance of ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’, during which Shaun’s alter-ego Lady Seanne was born. By the 1990s Seanne was promoting and performing regularly in Garlands nightclub and appears on much of their promotional material of the time - becoming one of the figure heads of Garlands and Liverpool’s gay scene. In 2011 Shaun was punched and knocked unconscious in a homophobic attack in Liverpool’s ‘gay quarter’ around Stanley Street, suffering a broken jaw. The attacker was never caught. Shaun now enjoys entertaining older people as well as running a quiz and psychic bingo at The Lisbon and promoting and performing at Superstar Boudoir.