Flyer, 'Liverpool Buddhist Centre'



Liverpool Buddhist Centre, along with artist Tony O'Connell produced this leaflet for Liverpool Pride 2015. It explains that Buddhism teaches that all beings regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation have the same spiritual potential. The Centre is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community and is an open and inclusive space for all. Tony explains more, "I designed all of the centre's leaflets at the time.I have never felt so supported and accepted as a gay man than with this tradition of Buddhism. All Buddhist Sanghas I have met have been beautiful but the Liverpool Triratna are amazing people in compassion, wisdom and openness. Recognising the specific spiritual violence done to LGBTQ people they ran specific retreats. I went to a Gay Men's retreat with the London Buddhist Centre and it undid so much of my own baggage. It is an amazingly supportive tradition."