Flyer, 'Liverpool Pride at the Pictures, 2014'



Pride at the Pictures was launched in 2014 and aims to highlight films by and about LGBT people. It provides listings of film showings, reviews, blogs, and a database of LGBT themed films and is produced by volunteers from Liverpool’s LGBT communities and sponsored by Liverpool Pride, the British Film Institute, UNISON, and Thinking Film. In The Last of England (1988) the gay director Derek Jarman uses scenes of chaos, destruction, devastation and terror to reflect on and challenge the politics of Britain in the 1980s. Taboo themes of homosexual relationships, drug use, and forbidden love permeate the non-narrative route Jarman took to narrate his belief in the decline of his country under the government of Margaret Thatcher. Test (2014) tells the story of gay dancer Frankie, an understudy in 1980s San Francisco, who embarks on a relationship with veteran dancer Todd in the early years of the HIV/AIDS crisis.