Flyer, 'Liverpool Tritons Inclusive Rugby in Liverpool'



“I migrated to the UK from Trinidad & Tobago just over a year ago, and for the first time I can confess not only that I belong here, but that I can really feel included - regardless of my age, my orientation, race, beliefs or status, I can stand and walk proud. The Liverpool Tritons are responsible for all of that!” Addae, 2017 Liverpool Tritons RUFC, founded in 2016, is the first gay inclusive rugby team on Merseyside. They encourage new members from all backgrounds, ages, fitness levels, and rugby experience. Whilst many may not particularly associate rugby with diversity, the team is an Associated Member of the International Gay Rugby Association and Board. In fact rugby is one of the most inclusive sports in the world helping to break down many stereotypes. The sport is dedicated to promoting equality and diversity and there are many gay and straight allies in the sport, including players.