Fragments from a large neck amphora



Two large fragments from the neck and shoulder of a large belly amphora and another 8 different sherds of smaller size from the same vessel. The amphora had a prominent thick rim, evereted from straight a slightly splaying neck offset by ridge from the steep shpulder and it is thick walled. The clay is light brown slightly giritty, unevenly fired medium hard and has a plain greenish finish. It is in the White Painted III type decoration in matt brown paint. There is paint on the face of the rim, a broad band below the rim and at junction with the shoulder. On the neck five panels of triple outlined latticed lozenges and a sixth of herringbone. In between the panels are singles sets of four concentric circles and below one of them there is plainly drawn animal, probably an ibex or a goat with swept back horns The parts of the shoulder that have survived also have decoration of concentrics and possibly thick bands in brown.