Frank Bustard, Continental Traveller's Reports, White Star Line.



25 volumes of Continental Traveller's Reports written by Frank Bustard for the White Star Line. Documenting his various meetings with diplomats, government officials and others on behalf of the company relating to offices in different cities. D/BUS/1a&b Scandinavian and Continental Tour No. 1 1919 August-October (2 volumes Originals and Copies) D/BUS/2a&b Continental Tour No. 2 1920 November-December (2 volumes Originals and Copies) D/BUS/3a&b Continental Miscellaneous 1921 February-July (2 volumes Originals and Copies) D/BUS/4 Continental Tour No. 3 1921 August-October volume 1 D/BUS/5a&b Continental Tour No. 3 1921 August-October volume 2 (2 volumes Originals and Copies) D/BUS/6a&b Continental Tour No. 4 1921 December (2 volumes Originals and Copies) D/BUS/7 Continental Tour No. 5 1922 February D/BUS/8 Continental Tour No. 6 1922 March-August volume 1 D/BUS/9 Continental Tour No. 6 1922 March-August volume 2 D/BUS/10 Continental Tour No. 7 1922 October-November D/BUS/11 Continental Tour No. 12 1924 August-November D/BUS/12 Continental Tour No. 13 1925 March-April D/BUS/13 Continental Tour No. 14 1925 July-August D/BUS/14 Continental Tour No. 15 1927 May-November D/BUS/15 Continental Visit No. 16 1928 October D/BUS/16 Continental Visit No. 17 1928 December D/BUS/17 American & Canadian Visit 1930-31 Visit Oct-Nov 1932 D/BUS/18 Reports Passenger Plan Committee Tour No.1 Reports 1-60 D/BUS/19 Reports on Competitors New and Reconditioned Tonnage D/BUS/20 Memoranda of Meeting in London with Continental General Representatives March 1922 D/BUS/21 Continental Agency Committee Minutes No.1