Funerary Cone (Forgery)



Forgery of a pottery funerary cone inscribed with two cartouches and the name of Ramesses III, within a square frame. The hieroglyphs are very finely moulded against a white background. The text: reads: "User-maat-re mery Amun [Re is powerful in truth, beloved of Amun] Ramesses, Ruler of Heliopolis". Previously recorded as being from the 20th Dynasty but it is actually actually much more recent - for more on this type of forgery see an article publshed by the Egyptologist Cyril Aldred in 1957, ‘The Funerary Cones’ of Ramesses III’ in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 43, p. 113. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no. 166491: CAST. Pottery; of cartouches of Rameses III. Egypt. Purchased at Stevens, London, 13 October 1931, Lot 142.