Funerary Cone of Amenhotep



Pottery funerary cone, stamped on the round end with the name and title of the deceased. The hieroglyphic inscription reads: “The Overseer of the Builders of Amun, Amenhotep, true of voice, born of the Overseer of Builders, Sena, true of voice". The inscription consists of three columns of undivided text, finely worked against a pale background but quite worn. The very tip of the cone has been broken off. The thumb and fingerprints of the maker are clearly visible. CONDITION NOTE 1998: incomplete, surface chips, surface dirt, white residue, remnants of label. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no.66521: "FUNERAL LOAF Teracotta, conical, with inscription stamped on the base 7¼" high, 3" diameter From Thebes. Top missing. Egyptian". Purchased at Sotheby's, London, 12 November 1928 Lot 225: "Table of Offerings": a specimen of Mummy Cloth; various Ushabti Figures; a wooden Mask; and other Antiquities, many from Thebes, in large glazed case.