Funerary Cone of Merymose card

Funerary Cone of Merymose


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A complete pottery funerary cone, stamped on the round end with the name and title of the deceased. The hieroglyphic inscription reads: "Revered one before Osiris, king's son of Kush, Merymose". Merymose (Mr-ms) was the viceroy of Kush (Upper Nubia) in the reign of Amenhotep III of the Eighteenth Dynasty (c. 1390 - 1352 BC) and his tomb is at Thebes, no. TT 383. There is extensive white paint or plaster on the stamped end. In the past funerary cones in this museum have been interpreted as models of loaves of bread for the dead. However, current thinking is that large numbers of these cones were inserted into plaster above tomb entrances, leaving the stamped end exposed to form a frieze. They are mainly found in the Theban area and date from the Middle Kingdom through to the Late Period.