Funerary Cone of Saneh



Complete pottery funerary cone, stamped on the round end with the name and title of the deceased. The hieroglyphic inscription reads: “Osiris, scribe of the treasury of the lord of the Two Lands, Saneh, son of sab, Pabak and born of the mistress of the house, Taneferet justified” [Asjr sS pr-HD n nb tAwj sA-nH sA sAb pA-bAk ms.n nbt pr tA-nfrt mAa-xrw]. CONDITION NOTE 1998: Surface loss, cracked, surface dirt. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum 71780: "CONE SEAL Pottery, belonging to Samut, scribe of the Treasury. 9½" x 3½" Egyptian". Purchased at Hurcombs, 29-30 January 1929.