Furniture Inlay



A thin panel of bone incised with the figure of a winged boy running to the right. His head, shown partially turned to the front, has large eyes and his neat fringe of hair is very much in the style of Constantine and especially his sons. He wears a cloak that billows out behind him, a long-sleeved tunic and knee-length leggings. In his hands he holds a hare. A gable frames his head and shoulders. The subject is close to that of the hare-holding youth representing the month of October in the Roman calendar produced by Furius Dionysius Filocalus in the year of the consulate of Constantius II and his Caesar, Gallus, 354. The hare either represents an enemy of the vineyards or is a symbol of fecundity, thus of a fruitful harvest. Probably once attached to the side a wooden casket.