Furniture Part (Bed)



This pole is cylindrical in section being also slightly curved. The pole is capped at each end with a lotus flower decoration. There are two pairs of bands incised around the pole and evidence of it being painted red. It is likely that this pole was once part of a bed. From the Middle Kingdom it was common to manufacture such curved stretchers, to go below the bed, making them more comfortable when resting. As the pole has no joints cut into it, this suggests that it was lashed to the side rails of the bed. Label with serrated edge adhered to surface with printed number 929 which is how Robert de Rustafjaell collection items were labelled. Perhaps purchased at Sotheby's, London, 19-21 December 1906. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Areas of loss, surface dirt, some splitting, remants of pigment, label adhered to surface , surface dirt.