Furniture Part (Chair)



Finely carved and polished lion head which could have been located as a capital on the arm of a chair or possibly a throne. The quality of the carving and sculptural form is particularly good. The lion head was attached to the arm of the chair by two dowels and glue. Much of the glue still remains, and would seem to be of animal extraction. It has browned with age and is very crisp. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession number 30985: Two carved wood lion-headed terminals. 8" long. Purchased at Sotheby's, London 11 November 1924 Lot 152. Collected by Rev. William Frankland Hood on one of his visits to Egypt between 1851 - 1861. CONDITION NOTE (1998): Splitting, concreitons, remnants of label, surface dirt. Wellcome Historical Medical Museum accession no. 30985: "Two carved woodlion-headed terminals. 8" long". Purchased at Sotheby's 11 November 1924, Lot 152 "Two lion-headed Terminals in wood ?Ptolemaic; six Hawks and two Ba Figures, various sizes, in painted wood (10)" (1924 p. 21). Displayed: World Museum: Ancient World: Egypt Gallery (permanent gallery), 2008-2015.