George Holt Senior

WAG 8710


George Holt senior was the eldest son of woolen manufacturer Oliver Holt (1752 - 1830) of Rochdale. He was apprenticed to the cotton broker Samuel Hope (1781 - 1837). Holt was taken into partnership in 1812 and added banking to their joint activities. The partnership ended in 1823 with Holt continuing as a cotton broker and Hope as a banker. Holt helped to found the Bank of Liverpool in 1831 and the Liverpool Fire and Life Assurance Company in 1836. He built the India Buildings in Liverpool for offices in 1834. He was a member of the Dock Committee until 1851; first entered the Town Council in 1835; Chairman of the Water Committee between 1849 and 1856, and a keen advocate of the Rivington Pike Scheme. He retired from the council in 1856 and was closely concerned with the Mechanics Institute and bought Blackburn House nearby for a Girl's Public School in 1844. Holt married Emma, daughter of Liverpool merchant William Durning, in 1820. Their four sons George, Alfred, Philip and Robert were successful merchants and shipowners and active in public life.