George Penny, Joe Pilcher, Parson Ringfold (Costume Design for 'Queen Victoria')

WAG 1644


This watercolour painting features the costume designs for three male characters from the play 'Queen Victoria'. They are identified as Parson Ringfold, George Penny and Joe Pilcher via inscription, although it is not clear which is which. The three figures are wearing victorian menswear typical of the upper class. The figure on the left appears young with short blonde curled hair. They are wearing a white shirt with a black and pink necktie below an orange waistcooat that has a white pattern on it. His trousers are grey with a strap over black and white formal shoes adorned with what looks like a black bow. They appear to be holding something undepicted. The middle figure stands with their hands on their hips and a stern expression. They are wearing a red shirt below a cream/beige coloured waistcoat underneath a light brown knee-length coat. They have cream/beige loose-fitting trousers tucked into white calf-length socks. Their shoes are also beige. The bearded figure on the right has one hand on their hip. They are wearing a white shirt and neck tie below a black dounle-breasted long coat. Their trousers are white and tucked into black boots with a gold ring at the top. They also have a black top hat.