Gipsy Encampment

WAG 1482


Suker was the brother of Frederick Clive Newcombe (1847-1894) and cousin of Walter Crane (1845-1915). He studied at the Birkenhead School of Art. He primarily painted landscapes, in both oils and watercolour. He lived in Liverpool in 1883 and painted in the Lake District, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. He settled in Cornwall in 1890. The Cornwall Artists Index suggests he may be the Arthur Suker who died in Totnes in 1940. The historic titles of artworks represent attitudes of the time and can use language that is not appropriate today. The title of this watercolour uses the word ‘gypsy’, a term historically used to describe people of Romani heritage. Romani are people who originated from north-western India. They moved into the Middle East and then travelled westwards to Europe. Romani people are assumed to have a travelling way of life, although many in Europe do not. Despite being widely used, including by people of Romani origin, ‘gypsy’ can have disparaging associations and be considered a race-based slur.