Glass; Bottle



Two complete dark-green glass bottles made for Joseph Thompson. The plain central logo with large, hollow, 'J.T' trade mark; surrounded by two banks of curved lettering as shown below. The word 'THOMPSON' appears, side on, down the reverse of the bottle. The ‘J.T’ is plain with raised edges to the letters (Figure 43). J. THOMPSON Joseph Thompson TRADE J.T MARK REGISTERED LIVERPOOL In 1894 a Joseph Thompson ‘botanic beer manufacturer’ is listed in Kelly’s Directory for Liverpool at Lytton Street in Everton. Joseph Thompson is listed in Gore’s Trades Directory for Liverpool 1900 as a ‘Mineral Water Manufacturer’ with ‘office and works’ at 99 Rose Place, off Scotland Road; with a house Cressington Park. By 1911 the listings include Mrs Jane Thompson but not Joseph Thompson.