Glycera Inventing Garlands. A.M. 3618.

WAG 7708


This is one of a group of drawings by British artist and book illustrator Edward Francis Burney, depicting scenes from Greek and Roman history and mythology. This composition was used for a headpiece in 'Le Souvenir', a memorandum book published by Suttaby, Evance, Fox, Richardson/London in 1825. Glycera was a flowergirl who made and sold the garlands which she is making in this image. Pausias, a renowned painter from the same city, was in a relationship with Glycera. He became very skilled at painting flowers because of his affection for her. Pausias is known for his picture of Glycera called 'Stephaneplocos' or 'Stephaneplis' (garland-weaver or garland-seller). Burney is perhaps depicting Pausias creating that painting here.