Greek Manuscript



A narrow fragment of papyrus (not a codex leaf) transmitting a Christian adespoton, written in a fine pointed sloping majuscule datable to the eighth century. Highly fragmentary with no more than eight letters per line surviving. The text mentions ‘the Father’, ‘God’, and the name of a certain Severus. The fragment appears to be written transversa charta (written on a sheet of papyrus that was torn from a roll and written at a ninety-degree angle to the fibers). It is tentatively argued by Dr Marco Perale that the text is either a hymn or the copy of a Festal Letter (see Perale, Marco (2022), 'A New Christian Text from Liverpool's World Museum'. Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists, 59, pp. 33-39). CONDITION NOTE 1998: Unsuitable mount; glued on a piece of card with another strip of a papyrus 56.21.434.