Head from a votive statue


A small male head from a votive statuette. Much of the facial features have faded. The man is wearing a distinct hat or helmet with a conical top of an Egyptian type and he has a triangular jaw.The eyes appear to have been very bulgy. There are holes on the face and most of mouth is missing. Droop uses Myres description of the helmet in great detail, from Myres, Handbook of the Cesnola Collection of Antiquities from Cyprus: '' it consists of a cap of flexible leather reinforced by external frame of metalwork and running up to a peak, sometimes flexible, sometimes replaced by an ornamental knob. The leather panels were sometimes quilted or embroidered. On either side are ear flaps or cheek pieces, of the same construction designed to be tied under the chin but generally raised and secured by their chin straps on top of the helmet.''