Egyptian alabaster headrest with pillar In the form of a fluted column, with square abacus and splayed base on an oblong rectangular pedestal. The head rest piece detaches from the column and stand. Probably from the Memphite necropolis. CONDITION NOTE 1998: In two pieces, surface worn, surface dirt. Sold at Sotheby's 18-19 June1923 (Berens Sale) Lot: 74 "an alabaster Head-rest or Pillow, the shaft fluted, tapering upwards and with square abacus, 8 in. high, base 7 3/4 in. by 3 1/4 in. [Pl. I]". Sold at Sotheby's 20-24 January 1913 (de Rustafjaell Sale) Lot 195: "a Head-Rest of fine alabaster; the support shaped as a grooved coloum with square abacus; very fine (PI. XII)". Danson Catalogue 2 no. 276.