Henry Boyd, Emigration Agent.



Biographical History - Henry Boyd (died 1858) was an emigration agent based in Liverpool. The documents suggest a strong link with Irish emigration and he worked closely with Vere Foster and his brother Sir Frederick Foster, who paid for and raised funds for the emigration of poor young women. Many emigrants were subject to fraud and deception during their journey, but Boyd received compliments for his standard of customer care. Scope and Content - The collection contains letters and other documents relating to the process of arranging emigration. Some letters includes lists of mainly female emigrants with places of origin. The collection also contains a number of passage tickets, which are an unusual survival as they would normally have been destroyed as a matter of routine. Many are marked ‘void’, which explains why they have survived amongst Boyd’s papers. The second part of the collection (reference DX/467) contains papers relating to Henry Boyd’s daughter Mary Ann Patterson (see separate MIMSY entry).