Herm of Hercules



An under life size male head of what has been identified as Hercules. The god is represented as old and weary with a drawn expression, gazing down and has a fillet and vine leaves on his head and a tainia but not a lionskin. He is represented as the triumphant or resting Hercules. Bartman proposed it represents Hercules in his drinking contest with Bacchus and therefore a suitable piece for a Roman villa. The head was attached to a herm. The beard is in thick locks dramatically executed. Ashmole considered to be a Roman copy of the works by the Greek sculptors Skopas or Lysippos. The treatment at the back of the head is very basic suggesting that the head may have been attached to a wall. The hair and the beard are also very generic and in contrast with the detailed execution of the face. The vine leaves are deeply cut. The hair may have been reworked above the right temple as it is flatter than the left side. There is small breakage on the right ear, ivy wreath and beard.