Hieratic Ostracon



Flake of limestone (ostracon) inscribed in ink on both sides with a continuous text. Cost of work done on various pieces of furniture - a form of a receipt from a workshop, listing objects produced and their values. Many of these objects are actually funerary in nature, 2 outer anthropoid coffins, 1 inner anthropoid coffin (with a difficult comment apparently dealing with repairs made) and 1 shabti box. There are, intermixed, a number of other items not necessarily funerary. The verso continues the listing with blue pigment and another coffin (this time not specified as to whether it was an inner or outer and so probably intended as a one-piece set rather than a two-piece set. There is then the total (112 deben of copper) with a comment that this is without the pigment or the coffin (seemingly therefore the two items mentioned on the verso). Black ink inscription on recto (9 lines) and on verso (7 lines). There is a transcription on the catalogue card made by Professor T. Eric Peet in 1922.