Hieratic Ostracon card

Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool, World Museum

Hieratic Ostracon


Currently not on display


Large flake of limestone (ostracon) with nine lines of a hieratic inscription in ink on the recto and nine lines of a hieratic inscription in ink on the verso. Recto: opening lines of Papyrus Petersburg 116 B recto (Prophecy of Neferty); verso: a household census list of a sculptor. Transcription on Newberry and Peet record cards. The beginning of the Prophecy of Neferty written on it, has been published. It can be found in Golenischeff, 'Les Papyrus Hieratiques No. 1115, 1116A et 1116B de l'Ermitage Imperial a St Petersburg' (1913). As transcribed there, it found its way to Helck's synopsis of the Prophecy, 'Die Prophezeiung des Nfr.tj' (1970). In1873 Samuel Birch, of the British Museum, examined it and described it as "having 8 lines on one side and 7 on the other of hieratic writing. Part is marked off with red cloth. It is part of a statement addressed to a person and ends with lists of the family of the scribe Ta or Tsa comprising his wife and 5 children. It appears from the division to be part of a literary composition commenting 'it happened was the majesty of the good ... one of them ... of the ... were the goings and comings thou madest with (them) ... the things as thou didst so was the magistrates ... whom I love'. Etc." (MS 7 November 1873). Studied by Dr Fredrik Hagen, 2012. Image has been published by Professor Christopher Eyre, 'The Use of Documents in Pharaonic Egypt' (Oxford University Press) 2013, p. 217, fig. 5.1.