Hill Dickinson, Maritime Solicitors



Hill Dickinson is a solictor's firm based in Liverpool, originally at 10 Water Street, and with an office in the City of London. In the 1930’s the partners comprised Sir Arthur Norman Hill, Baronet, Geo. M. Magee, Vivian D. Heyne, Wm. Goffey, Martin Hill, Herbert Cecil Sugden, and R.H. Bransbury. Messrs Gregory Rowcliffe & Co. were the ‘London agents.’ Documents in this small collection are dated from 1925-1967. The company is still operational with offices in the UK, Europe and Asia. The collection consists of 6 items in 3 boxes. It was given to the museum as a gift along with a shipping horn in 1969, no other donor details are known. There is further Hill Dickinson material within the Bryson Collection and their name and work appears in many shipping company collections because of their extensive practice in maritime law. Liverpool Record Office and Cheshire Archives also hold some of this company’s material as does the firm itself. These items are available at the reserve store by appointment only.